Things to Consider When Building an ADA Compliant Home

At Turnberry Custom Homes, we believe that your home should be a comforting place that suites your family’s ever-changing needs.

ADA compliant homes should be user-friendly and easily accessible, to accommodate the current and future needs of your family. A few features of ADA compliant homes include open floor plans, wider hallways and entryways, and varying height countertops.

At Turnberry Custom Homes, one of our current projects features an ADA compliant in-law suite. When building an ADA accessible home, there are many design features to consider that could be overlooked. Turnberry Custom Homes offers architectural and design experience to make your home a safe and comfortable place to suite your family’s ever-changing needs.

In addition to an open-floor plan, here are some design aspects to consider in each room of your home.

Easily-Accessible Bathroom
  • Hand Rails: Should be placed
    throughout the bathroom, including in water
    closets (toilet areas) and the shower.
  • Toilet: Should be higher and more elongated than a standard toilet, with plenty of room on both sides.
  • Vanity Height: Floating vanity structures allow easier accessibility to sinks.
  • Zero Threshold Shower: Allows wheelchairs to enter without any curbs.
User-friendly Kitchen
  • Varying Countertop Height: Countertops should be low enough to use as a work space.
  • Island Space: There should be enough room to navigate around the island.
  • Sinks & Cooktops: Should be reachable and have enough leg room to safely reach the faucet and cook-top controls.
  • Exterior Ramps: Should be used instead of stairs.
  • Residential Elevators: An option to consider if the budget allows.
  • Stair Lift: Chairs connect to the stairway, so going up and down the stairs is safe and comfortable.
Additional Aspects to Consider
An exercise/stretch bar
  • Hallways and Doorways: Should be 3-feet wide throughout your home.
  • Pocket Doors: Easier option than pulling or pushing a closet, bedroom, or bathroom door open or shut.
  • Intercom Systems: Safety feature that allows immediate assistance throughout the home.
  • Light Switches: Should be low enough to easily reach.

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