Four Home Renovations Just In Time for the Holidays

Before you begin decking your halls and hosting the Holiday Open House, how about a little home renovation to really make the season bright?

Opening up your home to family and friends is always a great motivator to get it looking its best. Maybe you need some additional space for those holiday guests or maybe it’s just time to remove the horrible wallpaper and finish the powder room? There’s no better time to give your home a little nip/tuck for the season. 

Here are four of the best places where a little reno will go a long way for the holidays.

Powder Room/Guest Bathroom 

A few pine scented candles and festive hand towels may not be enough to get your guest bathroom more functional and friendly. Bathroom renovations are always a good return on investment for your home’s value. New flooring, vanity and new toilet can help take your guest bathroom off the naughty list. 

Entry Way/Foyer

Your front entryway and main entrance to your home says a lot about your living space. It’s the first impression guests will have when they walk into your home. Maybe it’s in need of some more natural light and a bigger front door. Maybe it’s flooring, lighting and wall color. Whatever it is, don’t miss a chance to have a “wow factor” when you open the front door. 


Your basement can be so much more than storage for the holiday decorations and your seasonal clothing. It’s the perfect place to maximize space for a guest room, home gym, custom bar, or even a home theatre. And it’s quite possible you can get more than one of those out of your basement renovation. The possibilities are endless! A basement renovation gives you increased living space square footage without losing any from your existing home layout. 

Family Room/Den

There’s nothing better than an inviting and warm space that is cozy for the holidays. Whether it’s a place for hot chocolate and family movie night or beers and wings for the Sunday game, everyone needs a place to hang the stockings by the fire or get cozy with a book and blanket. Time to update the family den or just create a space that fits the family sectional and the big screen TV. 

Our homes are so much more than just four walls and a place to lay our head at night. At the holidays, we’re reminded of how important our living space really is. We trim trees, light menorahs, share food, and invite those we love into our homes. What better time to have your home reflect the warmth of the season and give you the perfect space to celebrate. 

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Black Color Trend Remains Strong In Home Design

If the little black dress or LBD has taught us anything, it’s that black is a timeless and classic color. And nowhere is that more true than in home design and décor. Trending in a big way for the last few years, black is finding its way to both indoor and outdoor design. 

Home is The New Black

Turnberry Construction Group recently finished the exterior of a client’s custom home in Birdsboro, PA with a fiber cement black exterior siding from James Hardie . To add an even more dramatic flair, the foundation was painted black to match. The end result was stunning and the homeowners love the look. 

And the black exterior is a rising trend amongst home owners. Think the modern/industrial farmhouse. A black exterior also gives way to a bold, classic look when paired with white trim and accents. 

Shut The Front Door…But Paint it Black First 

Did you know painting your front door black is one of the easiest ways to raise the value of your home? Zillow experts estimate a dark shade or black front door can raise the value of a home by over $6,000. “For a seller, painting a front door is one of the least expensive home prep projects, but also one that can have a powerful impact on the home’s sale price,” said Kerrie Kelly, a home design expert for Zillow, in a recent article for

And it’s not just the front door. Black interior doors in your home not only give you an instant dramatic effect, but it’s no-show camo for dirt and grime. For homeowners with kids, it’s a game-changer. And the contrast of black doors to lighter color walls is an easy way to bring a chic look to your home’s interior. 

A Bold Statement or A Subtle Nod

A good interior designer will tell you that black has endless possibilities. It can be thought of as a neutral to help hide elements or details you don’t want to stand out. It can be a great backdrop for other colors and textures to pop. And it can be a show stopper with a bold accent piece or accessory. 

For that reason, black is a workhorse of a color. Want to make a room feel more intimate and cozy without feeling like the walls are closing in on you? Paint it black. Want a statement piece in a mono-chromatic room? Make it black. Want to disguise the flaws of odd shaped powder room and less-than-smooth walls? You guessed it, black. 

The Finishing Touch

Another easy way to bring in the classic look of black into the home is with finishes. Cabinet pulls, door handles, faucets, lighting fixtures, and even hinges. The look will never go out of style. 

Recently, several pluming fixture companies have expanded their product line to include black satin finishes because of the rise in popularity. Kitchen appliances, too. 

Black Is The New Black

So be bold! And think outside the box when it comes to the color black in and around your home. It’s a chic and elegant look that will stand the test of time, just like the little black dress. 

Turnberry Construction Group is a custom builder and contractor in southeastern Pennsylvania. 

Making A Case for The Basement Renovation

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we need to be “living our best life” in every inch of our homes. 

We were forced to get creative with unused areas of our living space and we got a really good look at the places in our home that are ready for that makeover. Closets for Zoom calls or a bedroom moonlighting as an office is how many of us suffered through. 

It’s no wonder that renovations and remodeling took off last summer and continue to be in demand. And one of the most popular searches for home renovations?  Basement remodels. Search inquires for basement renovations jumped almost 30%. 

Basements are space with endless possibilities. Guest rooms, a hang-out for kids, a home theater, not to mention the extra storage. And we’re not talking storage in a dank, dark single-bulb crypt, but storage with shelves, good lighting and plenty of room. An organization lover’s dream come true! Room for the holiday decorations and the camping gear along with space for the guest room when the in-laws come to visit. 

A recent viral Tik Tok video of one man’s basement renovation highlighted just how niche and creative some homeowners got during lockdown. The mid-westerner decided to use the time during quarantine to build his own video rental store, harkening back to his love for movies. The basement was tricked out right down to the details of the shelving and the candy at the check-out counter.  

A basement is a blank canvas. An area of our homes typically separated from the main living area, it’s a stand-alone and can carry its own personality, without infringing on the rest of the home. It can differ starkly in design from the rest of the house and even be an indulgent space for a hobby or for personal expression. 

It can be whatever you need or want it to be, –and that’s the beauty of an unfinished basement. 

Renovating or remodeling your home may seem overwhelming. But when you work with a contractor like Turnberry Construction Group who listens to your needs, understands what you’re trying to get from your space and takes time to make sure their clients are happy, it’s a win-win. 

Have a basement, or any other area of your home that needs remodeling? Let Turnberry Construction Group help! Contact us for a free consultation and more information. 

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Why Should You Build A Custom Home

By Kevin Kozo

To Build or Not to build, that is the question…

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re weighing the decision of whether or not to build a home. Let’s talk about some reasons why building is a great choice. 

Shiny and New and Ready for You

It can be daunting when you’re shopping for a new home. And if you’re shopping local real estate, chances are that at least half homes you’re walking into would require you to make some pretty big changes before you even move in. You can’t get more move-in ready than a custom home. No need to paint walls, pull up that awful shag carpet or make big changes to meet your needs. Your new home won’t need any facelifts, costly repairs or major fixes the moment you move in. It’s brand, spanking new and you’ll be the first one to live in it. 

Have it Your Way

Before you labor over home designs, layouts, paint swatches, and countertops choices, you start with a lot. Building a home where you want to live is just the first choice you’ll make for your custom home, but it’s a big one. Then comes the part where you personalize your home by picking things that suit your style and things that works best for you and/or your family. Home office? Home gym? A room for the kids and all their toys? It’s customized by you and for you. There’s a great satisfaction walking into a home that has been personalized and thoughtfully built for you in every way. 

I Like Your Energy

Your new custom home will not only have the personal touches you’ve added to it, but it will be fully equipped with the newest most energy efficient heating and cooling systems, plumbing, and appliances which will save you money! Want to go all in? Things like solar panels and water-conserving water heaters give you even more options. There are lots of ways to be energy efficient in a custom-built home. 

Long-term Relationship

With things like product warranties, newer industry materials and durable finishes, long-term maintenance on your custom home should be a hassle-free and easy experience. In fact, your home is built to be durable and long-lasting so that you can enjoy it for years to come. 

Love Where You Live 

There are few things as personal as your home. Making the choice to build a luxury, custom home can be one of life’s most rewarding adventures. Of course, a house is more than just a structure. It’s an extension of who you are. It’s the place where you raise your family, dream your dreams, live them out to the fullest. 

As someone who has the pleasure of building people’s homes for a living, I know what a life-changing experience it can be. And I’m always honored when a client chooses Turnberry Constructions Group to bring their dreams to life. 

Here’s to building your dreams…

How to Maximize Your Valuable Investment

(The following is an excerpt from “Building a Quality Custom Home, What you Need to Know” written by Turnberry Construction Group owner Kevin Kozo)

So, you’ve just moved into your new custom built home. Now what? 

A home is one of the biggest investments most people make during their lifetime. Taking care of that investment means taking care of your home with regular maintenance and check-ups. 

Do homebuilders provide a maintenance plan to new homeowners to let them know what they need to do to care for their new home? Not usually. But they probably should. A little planning and elbow grease will go a long way in keeping your home clean maintaining its value and avoiding costly repairs later on. 

At Turnberry Construction Group, we want our homeowners to protect their investment and get years of enjoyment from their home. 

Make a List and Check It Twice

Below is a home maintenance plan with some suggestions for maximizing enjoyment of your new home and maintaining its value:

Regular Washing: Just like a new car, your new custom home needs a regular washing too. Try to pressure wash the exterior at least twice a year; four times a year is best. The exterior paint, stucco, brick, siding, or other components will not only maintain a better look but will last longer as well.

Flush the Air Conditioning Condensation Line: This preventive maintenance measure costs only pennies but has real, lasting value. Flush the air conditioning condensation line with a cup of bleach twice a year to avoid algae buildup and blockage. This simple preventive step will save you the stress of your line becoming backed up, allowing water to pour through the dry wall.

Clean the Gutters and Filters: Have your home’s gutters cleaned at least twice a year to avoid leaf buildup. Also be sure to change (or clean if they are reusable) your air conditioner’s filter every three months. A clean filter helps your unit run more smoothly and saves you money on your electric bill. A clean filter also increases the life of your air conditioning unit. Nothing is more frustrating (not to mention costly) than having to install a new air conditioning unit in the middle of the summer.

Replace with Fresh Batteries: Daylight-savings time is a great reminder for this step. In the fall and spring, when you adjust your clocks, replace the batteries in your smoke alarm. As an extra note, be sure to check your irrigation clock every few months to ensure proper operation.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners on Hardwood: If you have hardwood floors, it’s important to keep them clean in order to extend their beauty and life. However, be careful to never use wax or harsh cleaners on your hardwood floors. The chemicals could permanently damage the flooring and result in a costly fix.

Garage Door Safety Reminders: Two important things to keep in mind if you have a garage door opener. First, never remove the garage door obstruction sensor. This safety feature is designed to prevent the overhead door from coming down on a child or animal and injuring or killing them. Check the sensor every few months to make sure it is working properly. Second, it’s important to never try any type of garage door spring maintenance or adjustments by yourself. If the tightly coiled spring somehow comes off, it can cause serious injury. Always hire a trained installer or maintenance professional to assist you.

Check and Reseal: Check the exterior of your home twice a year for any signs of expansion or contraction. Cracks may allow water to seep in causing extensive damage to the interior walls. Caulk cracks and seal wood to prevent future problems.

The Bottom Line: Keep up with routine maintenance and cleaning around your house or consider hiring professionals to protect your new home investment.

Realtors and Renovations in a Booming Market

Residential Renovations
Residential Renovation by Turnberry Construction Group

Home Sweet Home.

Never have three words been more relevant than in the last year, when so many of us have spent a whole lot more time in our homes.

Can You Say Real Estate Boom?

So it’s no surprise that residential real estate sales are sky rocketing. New home sales jumped an estimated 43% this past August, and have continued to rise. 

The market is hot and now more than ever, people are looking an ideal space for living, playing, and working, —and they want a move-in ready property with all the amenities to go along with it. But that can pose a challenge for realtors.
Enter the general contractor and builder who can give a buyer exactly the kind of home they’re looking for. For Turnberry Construction Group, giving clients exactly what they want is the most important part of the job. 

Buyers want all the bells, whistles and creature comforts that have become so much more important lately. A home office is at the top of the list. And then there is the huge influx of buyers leaving cities for the open space suburbs.But with high demand and a limited supply, what a buyer really needs is a realtor with vision, —and the name of a trusted contractor like Turnberry Construction Group. Buyers need help in seeing the potential in a property.

“This house would be perfect if it only had…”

Realtors know all to well about finicky home buyers who can’t seem to find anything to their liking. It’s even more challenging when the market is limited. Showing clients a way to get everything they want from that “almost perfect” property can be as easy as referring them to the right builder. Turnberry Construction Group can take the “almost perfect” property and make it a dream home with customized and personalized detail.

“I work with a lot of realtors who know the quality of work we do at Turnberry Construction Group,” says owner Kevin Kozo. “They know we can deliver for their buyers exactly what they want. And they know I encourage all potential clients to consider trust, competence, and fair market pricing when they’re talking about hiring any builder for home renovations.” 

Getting What They Want

How much more appealing is a property to a potential buyer when they know they have a way to get exactly what they want?

Love the property views, the beautiful hard wood floors and newly renovated kitchen, —but the outdated bathrooms, small master bedroom and lack of closet space are the deal breaker? It only takes a reliable and innovative contractor to help bring a buyers “wish list” to life and turn a negative into a positive.

Turnberry Construction Group gives clients everything they want in their project, while valuing detail-oriented and personalized customer service. Most important is their commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

Details and the Dream Home

With an eye for detail —and those specialized “bells and whistles” that home buyers are looking for, Turnberry can make a “not quite” property a Dream Home.

From creating more spacious open floor plans to installing a state-of-the-art new kitchen, Turnberry Construction Group does it all for their clients.
Whether it’s salvaging a home’s unique details or a full renovation “gut job,” their high standards and visionary plans result in happy clients.

Referring a gold-standard contractor like Turnberry to your clients gives you the peace of mind that you’re selling clients on the dream house they really want and knowing they can actually get it.

Four Reasons to Refer Turnberry Construction Group

  1. A realtor’s reputation is everything as a realtor and Turnberry Construction Group knows doing their job to the highest standard only makes everyone look good. Referring a builder like Turnberry means only the best for your client’s renovation, addition or custom home.
  2. Communication is key and Turnberry will keep realtors in the loop as much or as little as they want.
  3. Turnberry values realtors! They pay a top referral commission for their recommendation.
  4. Buyers are in the best hands with Turnberry Construction Group. They offer detailed and personalized service like free on-site consultations and budget analysis, pre-scheduled, weekly on-site meetings, and 24/7 online access to schedules, pictures, financials, and all documents.

Working with Realtors In Berks and Beyond 

Sold a home outside of Berks? We can help! We have clients in Lancaster, Chester and Bucks County too (about an hour drive from Berks)!

Contact Turnberry Construction at for more information.

Real Estate and You!

Kevin Kozo of Turnberry Construction Group tells all about the path to building your next home. He wrote a book about the whole process of building… he talks about the “heart to heart” questions he will ask people to find out if they are really mentally prepared to build a home. When asked what’s the single most important thing in picking your builder… he said, “trust”. GREAT chat with lots of info!!

Thinking of BUILDING a HOME – You want to listen to Builder/Author Kevin Kozo

6 Home Improvements That Add a Luxurious Feel to Your Living Spaces

Real estate observers reported the resurgence of luxury living in the past few years. In some emerging markets, luxury homes have become so popular that property developers can’t keep up with the demand.

You don’t have to be a purveyor of luxury to understand the appeal: living in a high-quality home that caters to your taste and specific requirements is indeed ideal.

While a custom-built luxury home sounds dreamy, you can also experience luxury living in your existing property with a few, well-chosen upgrades. This solution is perfect if you love your current location but are looking to update the look, feel and function of your living spaces.

Don’t worry — a home makeover need not be an unreasonably costly, drawn-out affair. With smart planning, strategic changes and tailored solutions from leading home builders, you can give your existing interiors a touch of luxury according to your vision and budget.

The following are some home enhancements you can apply to immediately give your home a luxe feel:

1. Go for Classic Hues

There’s nothing like neutrals to give home interiors a classy, roomy and zen feel. Establish a neutral color base for your flooring, furnishings and fixtures. Neutrals will give you a huge canvas to make bold color splashes for your focal points. You can integrate bold colors and textures by using accessories such as curtains, cushions, vases, clocks, photo frames, etc., which have both utilitarian and aesthetic appeal.

2. Get Rid of Aging Fixtures

Whether it’s an old lampshade that’s been gathering dust, or a bunch of chipped ornate door knobs, get them replaced. If you really love your vintage pieces, take them to a specialist for cleaning, polishing and repairs. Small fixes like these can affect the overall look of your place, and you can always begin with the little things.

3. Coordinate as You Accessorize

Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom, or any other part of your home, coordinating hardware finishes works extra to create a polished and luxurious appeal to your home interiors. For your kitchen, you may want to consider investing in stainless steel upgrades that will give your cooking area a classic, clean and coordinated appearance.

4. Attract Attention Vertically

In making your place look luxurious, you can start from the top by employing decorative ceiling medallions that will add “oomph” to your ceiling light fixture. Lightweight polyurethane ceiling medallions come in various sizes and can be done in your choice of color. They work exceedingly well to create a professional architectural touch, and as interesting focal points up in the ceiling. To maintain this look longer at less the cost, use LED lights to power your lighting fixtures.

5. Let Tiles do the Work

Coming in a range of colors, designs, sizes, shapes and materials, tiles are versatile tools and are your home makeover best friends. To add spice to your kitchen’s style, consider various options for tile colors and textures. Subway tiles spell bright and modern. Upcycled bricks or reclaimed wood showcase rustic chic and are eco-friendly. You can go fancy using glass tiles, artsy with Moroccan mosaic tiles, or full-on luxe with marble or gunmetal tiles.

6. Dandy up Your Walkway

You need not keep all your home enhancements indoors. Update the look of your home facade by laying a color of fresh paint on your mailbox. Get rid of weeds and plant pretty flowers around it. Get those trees and bushes neatly trimmed, and rid your garden of any overgrowth. You may also want to upgrade to a well-designed driveway made of long-lasting and low maintenance material.

Luxury is a State of Mind

Keep in mind that whatever time, energy, effort and cash you invest in home improvements will go a long way in making your house aesthetically pleasing, and even quite similar to splendid luxury homes. At the same time, you are also increasing its resale value, whether or not you are looking to sell it any time soon.


Robert Allam is the Finance and Sales Manager for Trendsetter Homes. Through his journey from being a Sales Consultant then Office Manager, to assuming his current role, Robert has seen the company grow and has guided many clients through the process of developing their dream of a unique luxury home.